A complete solution

that enables efficient and cost-effective
detection and reporting of AF and other
cardiac arrhythmias.

Assured Data Clarity

The Zensor™ Device, is the only 3-lead, 14 day continuous ECG and Wi-Fi enabled event monitor available on the market. This small yet powerful system enables the detection and reporting of common arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation. Reliable beat-by-beat disclosure data can be directly downloaded and used to generate timesaving reports ready for analysis and consultation. The Zensor™ device is a reusable system that is cost-effective with assured data clarity.

Beat by Beat


  • Full diagnostic quality three-lead remote ECG for enhanced cardiac visualisation
  • Continuous recording, monitoring and data capture for up to 14 days
  • Wi-Fi enabled event transmission
  • Electrodes designed to minimise motion artefacts for improved data clarity
  • User-friendly and comfortable to wear encouraging high patient compliance
  • Direct access to full diagnostic ECG and event data reports

Simplified and Streamlined Workflow

for quicker diagnosis

Step 1

Zensor™ device assigned, placed on patient and activated

Step 2

Optional Wi-Fi enabled event notification

Step 3

End-of-monitoring full data upload direct to Zensor+ Software

Step 4

High-quality full disclosure ECG data and summary report

Enhanced diagnosis through assured data clarity

Nearly half of all arrhythmias go undetected within the 24 hours of continuous monitoring provided to patients in routine clinical practice1. Reliable, high quality data captured through 14 day data recording can capture up to 100% of arrhythmias1 .

Efficient and streamlined workflow

The simplicity of a single device incorporating both ambulatory ECG and event monitoring can help in streamlining the day-to-day workflow. Patient data can be directly uploaded to pre-set and customisable templates to produce time-saving and comprehensive reports, ready for consultation.

Cost-effective AF detection

As a reusable system, the Zensor™ device is associated with substantial savings compared to single-patient use devices. With the combined device and software package, mainstream AF detection becomes increasingly cost-effective with each subsequent use.

Maximum patient compliance

The Zensor™ device is user-friendly and the patented electrodes are comfortable to wear and can be self-applied allowing for higher patient compliance.

1. Turakhia M et al. Diagnostic utility of a novel leadless arrhythmia monitoring device. Am J. Cardiol 2013;112:520–524