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Zensor™ device

Assured data for a reliable diagnosis

Your doctor has prescribed the Zensor™ device so that any possible irregular heart rhythms can be detected and securely recorded. This data will provide valuable insights about your heart rhythm to progress your medical diagnosis.

The device is easy-to-use, comfortable and can store all your heartbeat data for up to 14 days.

An additional feature of the Zensor™ device, is the event monitor. Events (an irregular or abnormal heart rhythm) can be recorded each time you press the button on the device. An additional feature, if requested by your doctor, is to transmit your event information via Wi-Fi to a secure cloud based platform.

Reliable and easy-to-use

Simple to use

Comfortable with minimal impact on your lifestyle

Event button so you can record when you ‘feel’ an event

Your data is private and secure

All you need to know

Your step-by-step guide

When your doctor has prescribed this test, you will be informed how many days you are required to wear the Zensor™ device. Depending on the type of test prescribed, you will be supplied with everything you need for the duration of the test period in a handy carry case. This may include a spare battery, battery charger, replacement electrode patches, mobile Wi-Fi unit and a handy quick start guide.


There are also helpful videos to help if required or you can contact your prescribing physician with your query.

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