Why Zensor™ device

The Zensor™ device is a wi-fi enabled patient monitor that records your every heartbeat. Your doctor has prescribed the Zensor™ device so that any possible irregular heart rhythms you have may be detected. By using the device, it will record, store and analyse your heartbeat data for 24 hours, for up to 14 days. By wearing the Zensor™ device, it will help your doctor identify if you have an irregular heart rhythm in one single test.

Depending on what test your doctor chooses to record, the event button option may be switched on at your doctor’s request. Should your doctor request this option, each time you press the button or when the Zensor™ device automatically detects an irregular heart rhythm, it will be stored on the device. In this case, the arrhythmia (the irregular or abnormal heart rhythm) is transmitted (via wi-fi) to the Zensor™ device monitoring centre and your healthcare provider will receive a report detailing arrhythmias that have been captured.

Benefits to you

User friendly

Event button so you can record when you ‘feel’ an event

Comfortable compact device with minimal impact on your lifestyle

Your data is private and secure

The Zensor™


The Zensor™ device is a lightweight, easy to wear monitor which is worn on the chest and abdomen area to help record, store and analyse your heartbeat data.

Your doctor has prescribed this test over a period of days and will have given you a small case with all the elements you require to continue the test at home. In the small case you will find replacement patches, your charging unit to allow you to charge your battery when not in use, mobile wi-fi unit, a quick start guide and a patient instruction booklet.

The Zensor™ device is easy to wear and will allow you to go about your normal day-to-day routine.

For more information on how to wear your Zensor™ device, see quick start guide


Frequently Asked Questions