Zensor™ device V0

Efficient and cost-effective AF detection

The Zensor™ Device, is the only 3-lead, 14 day continuous ECG and Wi-Fi enabled event monitor available on the market. This small yet powerful system enables the detection and reporting of common arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation. Reliable beat-by-beat disclosure data can be directly downloaded and used to generate timesaving reports ready for analysis and consultation. The Zensor™ device is a reusable system that is cost-effective with assured data clarity.



  • 3 lead ECG monitoring system
  • Up to 14 day continuous beat by beat data capture and recording
  • Event transmission and near time recording in one device
  • High quality data capture through use of proprietary motion artefact reducing electrodes
  • Patient activated event recording feature
  • Wi-fi enabled data transmission

Reliable data clarity

for improved patient diagnosis

Reliable data clarity
True remote AF monitoring and analysis
Optional Wi-Fi enabled event transmission
Direct access quality reports
High patient compliance


Simplified and Comprehensive

The Zensor™ device V0 can be worn by the patient for up to 14 days. Once the device is returned, the full beat by beat disclosure data can be downloaded via USB directly to Zensor™+ Software. A comprehensive report is automatically generated ready for analysis, review and consultation.


Data Clarity

The Zensor™ device is used with specifically designed motion artefact reducing electrodes which optimises signal clarity. The patented electrodes overcomes one of the key clinical challenges with traditional ECG and vital signs monitors – motion artefact. The Zensor™ device V0 electrode arrays have been proven to reduce the high number of false positive and false negative results often evident in other products including single lead devices.

Clinically proven technology

A reliable method of diagnosing AF in a high risk population

The Zensor™ device has been used to date in hundreds of patients in Europe and the US. At Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, a study was undertaken to identify high risk patients with AF. The device was proven to deliver a reliable and convenient method of diagnosing AF in a high risk population.

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