Zensor™ device

About the Product

Zensor™ device is the world’s first three lead, 14 day continuous ECG and remote event device available on the market. This small yet powerful system enables the transmission of comprehensive ECG data to allow you diagnose patient arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation. The Zensor™ device is a wi-fi enabled patient monitor that captures the electrical rhythm and the rate of your patient’s heart for up to 14 days.



  • 3 lead ECG monitoring system
  • Up to 14 day continuous beat by beat data capture and recording
  • Event transmission and near time recording in one device
  • High quality data capture through use of proprietary motion artefact reducing electrodes
  • Patient activated event recording feature
  • Wi-fi enabled for live data transmission

Benefits to you

& your practice

Easy patient set up and incorporation into your practice
True remote AF monitoring and analysis
Event transmission option for daily reports if requested
Private and secure with only authorised access
User friendly PDF format report generated for easy review

Benefits to your patient

User friendly

Event button so your patient can record when they 'feel' an event

Comfortable compact device with minimal impact on patient lifestyle

Patient data private and secure



The Zensor™ device has been used to date in hundreds of patients in Europe and the US. At Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, a study was undertaken to identify high risk patients with AF. The device was proven to deliver a convenient and reliable method of diagnosing AF in a high risk population.

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